Exclusive Ways of Styling Hoodies

Exclusive Ways of Styling Hoodies

Every man's wardrobe should include at least one hoodie. But how do you style them? Are there different ways to wear them? The hoodie can be the perfect blend of style and comfort. With men's fashion becoming more relaxed, streetwear is on the rise, and leisurewear is gradually transitioning to more luxury wear. It's time to start actively contributing to your wardrobe. 

Knowing how to style a hoodie can be challenging, but knowing what to pair it with will greatly increase the item's versatility. 

Simple is best. There are countless variations of colours, fashions, and prints, and each one functions differently. However, keep the design effortless if you're going for a vintage hoodie look. Choose a grey or a black hoodie because they are neutral colours and monochrome, so you can pretty much pair them with any other colour, and they will look good. 

Here are 3 ways to wear this classic men's fashion item:

Dress Smartly in your Hoodie

Remember that the hoodie is casual; if you wear it as part of a semi-formal or smart simple combo, your face is automatically underneath the broad spectrum of dress codes. The fact that it is not a good idea does not follow that. Layer your hoodie with a better jack if you're going for an effortless appearance. A black leather jacket, an overcoat, or a Harrington are all recommended. Put them on with black or dark navy skinny-fit jeans, Chelsea boots, Derby shoes, or just a classy pair of trainers.

Make it Streetwear with Felicia

Layering is key. Wear the hoodie to emphasize your classic denim jacket. The agreement is something to be wary of. In general, different tones should be used to break up the outfit. To avoid losing any pieces within the enterprise, the bottoms, hoodies, and jackets should all be in different tones. We recommend a denim jacket, skinny black jeans, and sneakers. The world has revived the trend of streetwear. Now it's back in fashion!

Bomber Jacket with Hoodie

Consider wearing a hoodie with a bomber jacket for a modern urban look. While the pairing isn't as traditional as others, it can work just as well due to the bomber's current popularity and the hoodie's basic design. Choose a zip-up hoodie in a classic colour, such as grey, black, or navy, to complete the look. Then, wear it with your favourite bomber, whether it's nylon, wool, or leather-sleeved. Add some black or dark blue jeans and a pair of stylish sneakers to complete your casual urban look. The result will be a contemporary inner-city look with subtle athleisure influences.

Pair with Trousers

A hoodie with smart trousers is your best bet for a slightly less committed way to mix smart and casual. It's another simple way to avoid the dreaded overgrown adolescent territory. Get a hold of this look by wearing a neutral-coloured hoodie, pair of trousers, and sports luxe sneakers. If you're feeling brave, try a small pattern like pinstripes or checks on the bottom half from Felicia. 

This will look casual but a decent outfit for the day. You can also make it your everyday look. 

Opt as a Leisurewear

A look that can work for any occasion is leisurewear. Whether going to the gym or just heading to the pub for a pint, sports and leisure wear don't have to be restricted. The key is making the look deliberate, not as if you've just rolled out of bed. The link between leisurewear and luxury wear is becoming increasingly apparent in high-end fashion. So, take advantage of the ability to be comfortable and cosy! Just do it with style. If you're not going to the gym or a workout session and want to pull off this style, we have a few suggestions for you to style for daily wear: 

  • Wear a classic monotone-coloured hoodie
  • Keep your trainers fresh
  • Steer away from hi-tech fabrics
  • Using contrasting colours for your top and bottom

Final Words

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